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Proper Caring for Your Luxury Rug

When you find the perfect rug, the proper care is paramount to a durable and attractive rug. At Mansour, we want to help inform you on the many ways you can care for your rug, even in a high traffic area.

Caring for Luxury Rugs

An antique, revival or modern rug is the perfect addition to any home, complementing spaces from your living room, den, dining room and bedrooms. You don’t have to be an expert on interior design to appreciate the rugs and their simplistic elegance. A fine quality rug helps the space feel like home while creating a unique design aesthetic.

Antique, revival and modern rugs have the possibility of transforming any room in your home. With plenty of colors and designs available, Mansour offers every customer with the rug of their dreams. From the less frequently visited rooms to high traffic areas of your home, wool rugs are an excellent option for giving your space a new look and making it feel like home. Once you’ve obtained your rugs, you’ll want to do your part to protect and maintain them.

Things like cleaning and regular maintenance are vital for keeping the integrity of your antique, modern or antique reproduction rug. At Mansour, we strive to get you suited with the perfect rug but also to inform you how to protect your rug in the long-term. Below you will find tips and tricks for maintaining the silk and wool rugs in your home. After investing in an antique, modern or antique reproduction, hand-knotted rug you will be pleased once you discover the best ways to protect your investment.

Antique luxury rugs are just that – luxury. These persian rugs can last a lifetime, if properly cared for. For the price point, Oriental and Persian rugs should be protected accordingly. While you cannot avoid wear and tear, proper care can reduce damage and normal wear and tear over the years.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Caring for your antique or modern rug also means regularly cleaning and inspecting its integrity. In order to take proper care of your antique, antique reproduction or modern rug, you need to clean it regularly as needed. It could be once a year or it could be once every two years just depending on where you have placed your fine rug. Vacuuming should be done as necessary at least once a week on a medium power setting with only suction and without a roller brush so as not to disturb the pile.

Depending on your home’s organization and design, you could very well have furniture sitting on your rug. While it is safe for furniture to rest on your rug over time, try to move the furniture 3 to 4 times annually. Vacuuming often, under any low sitting furniture is also important as this is where dust and moths can gather.

Another factor to consider is nature. If your rug sees consistent, direct sunlight, the colors may start to fade or change over time. If possible, it is also ideal to rotate your rug 180 degrees once a year – usually closer to the window.

Thorough Cleaning

While the natural materials and tight knotting are resistant to stains, there is no guarantee a stain will not occur. If you find a stain on your Oriental rug, you should act quickly before it sets in. Small stains are best treated with a wool cloth and warm water. Dish soap is the only detergent we recommend. Do not use any household cleaners on your rug. In order to properly clean your rug, you must have it sent out to be hand cleaned by a professional. We do not recommend having someone come into your home with a machine to clean your rug.

How to Care for a Red Wine Spill

If you spill red wine on the rug, to remove it,  you need to immediately pour white wine on your spill until the red wine disappears. Then put a towel over it to soak up the spill, fold a few layers of the towel, and stomp on it with your foot to really soak it up. Then lift the rug to create an air pocket underneath so that the rug can dry.

Caring for Threads and Excess Wool

Handmade rugs are gorgeous but not entirely flawless. Occasionally the loop can be missed when the rug is sheared and will open with time. Do not yank these threads. You can trim the loop with scissors, but make sure to trim it at the same level with the rest of the pile.

Folding & Scents of Care Products

Hand-knotted Oriental rugs sometimes come to us via large shipments, many of which sit for long periods. Occasionally the rug will have folds from how it was stored. Keep in mind, these folds are harmless and will work themselves out over time once you have rolled out your rug. If the rug is wool it will adjust back with the humidity in the air, you can open your windows to help let in any additional humidity to expedite the process.

Getting the Most Out of Your Persian Rug

At Mansour, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of beautiful antique, revivals and modern hand-knotted wool and silk rugs. Furthermore, our experts are very experienced on proper caring instructions once you find the perfect rug. Please browse our website today to learn more about all the rugs we have to offer.