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Finding the Perfect Luxury Rug with Mansour: Your Size, Your Style

Discover the Perfect Persian Rug: Your Size, Your Style

Luxurious Persian rugs are a perfect statement piece for the main rooms in your home. They add character that lasts for years, laying down a foundation for a classic and timeless atmosphere. Oriental rugs are the building blocks for designing any room. There are thousands of Oriental rug styles to choose from, design and color is especially important. However, what matters perhaps most is the size of the rug in question. In the end, a bespoke or antique rug should fit both a particular style, configuration, and function.

Shopping Oriental rugs by size is the only way to successfully complete a room. A bespoke or antique rug is a significant investment and should be treated as such. A high-quality antique rug can add a focal point to an otherwise neutral room or provide support to a cozy area. At Mansour, we understand the difference the right size rug can make in your space, and there are a few things we encourage you to consider before making a choice. From outdoor rugs to the living room rug.

When you are ready to customize your perfect rug, begin by deciding which room needs it. Next, you can use tape to mark off where you visualize your bespoke or antique rug.  With our quality materials and your bare floors, partner with Mansour in finding the right size rug for your space. Start customizing the comfort of your home today.

Living Room Rug Sizes

The living room is a neutral territory where people often share space, conversating, studying, and relaxing. When you want to ramp up the style, a large oriental rug is a classic decorating element that accommodates any furniture and organization. Living rooms often utilize one out of three different layouts when they add an Oriental rug. Keep in mind; living rooms are often high traffic areas, to determine the perfect rug for your space.

All Legs on the Rug

If you choose to use all legs on the rug layout, plan to have an excess of at least 1 foot on each side. You are using a relatively large rug of at least 10’ x 14’, accent chairs, end tables, and the sofa rest on the rug creating an island-like effect. Remember, the more weight you add to the rug, the more you should consider the use of rug pads. If you have the room, around 9’ x 12’ rug also serves as a welcome host to sofas and accent chairs.

No Legs on the Rug

Many admirers of the antique Oriental custom rug enjoy smaller rugs that serve more of an accent function. Small accent rugs add a flash of color and design to those in-between spaces in the hallway and in-between your furniture. An 8’ x 10’ rectangular rug is recommended as a minimum size for between couches and under the coffee table.

Some Legs on the Rug

With a medium-sized rug of 9’ x 12’ or larger, the front legs of the couch, accent chairs, and side tables sit on the rug.

Dining Room Rug Sizes

The shape of both your dining room and the table are vital factors when rug sizing for a piece that fits your size and style preferences. Classic rectangular tables look their best when paired with medium to large rectangular Oriental rugs. A lovely 9’ x 12’ rug, for instance, can host every leg of the table and chairs for that island effect. Oval tables, although rare, also look best when sitting on a rectangular rug. Finally, round dining room tables pair well with round Oriental rugs that host at least the front chair legs. A round table of at least 12’ x 12’ is ideal.

Bedroom Rug Sizes

It is no secret that your bed setup is the focal point of your bedroom. No matter how flashy or neutral, your bed brings you comfort as your largest piece of furniture. An Oriental rug in the bedroom should bring you comfort underfoot as the base around your bed. Depending on the size of the bedroom, the bigger the antique rug, the better. A massive 10’ x 8’ rug, for instance, brings a serene feeling that promotes relaxation where you need it most. If you have a wider queen bed, however, a 5’ x 8’ rug adds a dash of character to the bulk of your bed. Otherwise, slim runner rugs can be placed on either side of the bed.

Find Your Perfect Oriental Rug with Mansour Persian Rugs

At Mansour, we know what it is like to want to protect your investment in a beautiful, handmade Oriental rug. That is why we provide the tips necessary to invest wisely in the perfect rug for your space, any size, any style. When you decide you are ready to buy your Oriental rug, be sure to follow these sizing tips closely.