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Zeigler Sultanabad Rugs: The History and Design

Western fascination with ancient, Persian-style rugs dates back literally centuries. Proof of that is found in Zeigler Sultanabad rugs. The very roots of these exquisite rugs can be traced back to the idea of serving the tastes of European consumers enthralled with the intricate designs and vibrant colors of these pieces and determined to add them to their suite of home décor choices.

There is so much to know about fine Oriental and Persian Rugs

There is just so much to know about fine Oriental and Persian handmade, hand-knotted rugs which, in addition to being bona fide works of art, uniquely complement their host spaces with their intricate designs, glorious colors, and antiquity, all while dazzling curious owners and admirers.

What Is So Unique About Turkish Rugs?

Turkish rugs factor prominently in legends spanning millennia, their history as fetching as their fibers. But what is it about these rugs that sets them apart? In a word, everything.

The History & Design of Antique Indian Agra and Dhurrie Rugs

In addition to their visual splendor, hand-made Indian rugs carry within them a rich tradition that can be traced back through the centuries to enlightened ruler Akbar the Great, who essayed Persian rug-making and made it India’s own.

The History & Anatomy of Turkish Rugs, The World’s Oldest Carpet

The term ‘Turkish rug’ has become something of a catchall for describing carpets that are antique, vintage, and of particular beauty. In fact, Turkish rugs have a history every bit as rich as their celebrated place of origin.

5 Exquisite Antique Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

Almost nothing radiates personal style as much as home décor. And like a symphony conductor, rugs unite spaces while creating harmony. Here are some of the best. Of course, the epicenter of our personal style is the living room, where rugs — notably high-quality antique rugs of exquisite design, craftsmanship, and exceptional materials — are the centerpiece linking the furniture, artwork, mirrors, and other objets d’art that, taken together, capture the essence of us as singularly as our thumbpr

Proper Caring for Your Luxury Rug

When you find the perfect rug, the proper care is paramount to a durable and attractive rug. At Mansour, we want to help inform you on the many ways you can care for your rug, even in a high traffic area.

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